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Unlike some storage companies that look at a hard drive in a closet as adequate technology for their customers, The Archive believes in real physical security. The vault is at the core of what we do.

With over 14,000 cubic feet of storage space, The Archive’s facilities are the largest in the Northeast and among the five largest true data vaults in the world. Like every aspect of The Archive, each vault is designed from the ground up with the protection of your data as the primary goal. Our cutting-edge Firelock vault system is rated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as a “Class 125-two hour” vault. These Firelock vaults are able to maintain an interior temperature below 125 degrees Fahrenheit for a period of two hours with external temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

With most source codes stored on electronic, magnetic or optical media, temperature and humidity control is absolutely critical. Many of these media often fail or disintegrate at fairly low relative temperatures. We control and monitor the environmental conditions of our vaults to ensure the integrity and longevity of your data. After all, as your source code escrow agent, it is our duty to keep your data safe and reliable for years to come. That’s why we use the very latest protection technologies.

Take fire protection for instance. Storage companies claiming fire protection often use concrete or even gypsum- board vaults. The latter offer no true fire resistance, while a vault constructed of concrete will fail to provide a steam and vapor-proof environment and typically cannot provide temperature resistance for more than 30 minutes. The proprietary ceramic materials that make up our Firelock vaults are not susceptible to vapor and steam generation and provide the highest level of fire resistance.

Complementing the vaults are our storage and media management systems: specially designed containers that provide extra security for your materials both in transit and in storage. Every container is bar-coded, assuring accurate tracking and monitoring of every item in the vault. Optional indexing and monitoring services are also available. Online updates to vault materials are time and date stamped automatically. Remote access to records enables you to review an index of your materials from anywhere in the world, as well as schedule pickups, categorize and describe your data and request reports.

The Archive’s security technology, such as biometric access control and coded-key technology, allows you to restrict and prioritize access to your vault materials. Biometrics access control is an identification system that uses a retinal scanner to positively ID the person requesting access to your materials. Access is only granted to those people you assign. The Archive secures, monitors and records all entrances to each vault with our experienced staff and closed circuit television.

Our vault services are available to all customers, regardless of their organization's size.

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