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The Archive is the ultimate facility for source code escrow and the storage, protection and management of your valuable data.

Source code is the raw programming data of software. It is the backbone of any software product and it's one of your biggest assets. Protect it with a source code escrow from The Archive. Beyond protecting the source code media in our state-of-the-art facilities, we provide a range of source code escrow management services, from easy-to-understand escrow contracts with clear release terms to technical verification and licensee enrollment.

Who Needs Source Code Protection?
For the software developer, the source code is intellectual property and a technological asset proving ownership. Developers need protection against fraudulent claims from competitors or even employees. For users, a software program can be the lifeblood of their business, operating such mission-critical systems as the reservations of a hotel or traffic signals for an entire city. And even if the developer goes out of business, users need to ensure continued support to keep their operations running smoothly. Software source code escrow will protect the interests of both parties.

If the licensed technology you develop or use is vital to business operations or public safety, and is difficult or costly to replace, then you need source code escrow.

How Source Code Escrow Benefits the Developer

  • Establishes clear ownership
  • Demonstrates efforts to protect the trade secrets that make your intellectual property valuable (You must take steps to guard your trade secrets before a court will consider them your confidential property.)
  • Protects against fraudulent claims by employees or competitors
  • Helps increase sales by providing a cost-effective solution to your customers' need for assurance of program maintenance
  • Can be used as collateral for financing from banks or investors

How Source Code Escrow Benefits the User

  • Protects your investment in technology
  • Ensures the transfer of proprietary information to you should the developer declare bankruptcy
  • The source code will remain updated and intact
  • Ensures long-term maintenance of licensed software
  • Easy to enroll as a licensee

Be Safe, Put Your Source Code in The Archive
As an independent, neutral escrow agent, The Archive provides escrow management services and the best physical protection of the source code at our state-of-the-art, maximum-security storage facilities. Our escrow agreement is simple, straightforward and easy to understand, significantly reducing your legal expenses. The source code is only released to licensed users under specific terms of the agreement. The Archive will even help with the process of enrolling licensees.

For further information, please call 1-888-777-3201 (toll free) or email us at

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